Kotor 2 Best Build

Kotor 2 Best Build

Star Wars KOTOR 2 PC Jedi Sentinel Creation Walkthrough YouTube Share your most OP (or just fun to play) KOTOR 1 Build! (Gear+ .

Steam Community :: Screenshot :: a good Sentinel build for KoTOR 2 Malak didn’t give me much trouble with this Sentinel build. : kotor.

What’s your best PC build for gameplay? (Combat and story) : kotor Post your favorite builds! : kotor.

Super lightsaber glitch KOTOR II 2 Sith Lords YouTube Decent dark side consular build. Malak wasn’t too bad. : kotor.

Starwars Kotor 2 Jedi Consular Character Customization YouTube KOTOR 2 Best Lightsaber Crystals and Combinations Build Guide.

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